You’re Constantly Distracted By Your Phone


So this one really all depends on how you’re using your phone – obviously just using your phone doesn’t make you smart, but using it constantly in combination with good corresponding work in the real world, phones actually have the potential to make you“smarter” than you could be without it! Primarily, technology is beginning to revolutionize the way that people multitask and assign priority to their agenda. So why don’t you delete all your iPhone games and download some scheduling apps?

You Never Stop Doodling

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This one may not be new information to some, but it’s been well-documented in several research studies that doodling can help people with their focus, with grasping new concepts, and with retaining information. That’s because doodling allows the brain to have two experiences at once – the doodle, and the absorption of information. When the brain has something to associate the new information with, it’s basically filed away in a more organized manner in your brain, and all the more accessible when you need to come back for it later.

You’ve Invested In A Collection Of Sex Toys

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