Interstellar: Fantasy Or Fiction? The Realities Of Space Travel

Space travel isn’t the most common form of travel, but that might be changing soon.

The new hit movie Interstellar has taught it’s audience a lot about space. But is it teaching the truth? See what’s true, and what is still far out:

What’s real:

Black holes:

Everything the movie says about black holes is actually totally true. The director, Christopher Nolan, worked with physicists and cosmologists to get those facts as accurate as possible.          e5363ae166e2d4002b53f96fdc97eaf330828d34f5965a19af4bf83d62e85f02

Worm holes:

Scientists have a great understanding about worm holes, which made its way correctly into Interstellar. If we know so much, maybe the time is getting close to make this reality. funny-pictures-auto-cat-neck-377778

Space exploration:

We’re looking! The hunt is currently on for worlds like the one in Interstellar. If they’re out there, we might be that much closer to living in the great beyond. XaRfM

What’s too good to be true:

How far away is space travel for the rest of the world?

NASA is already already practicing to see what life in space will be like for humans. Check out this mars simulation project happening as we speak.


Scientists predict 20-30 years before commercial space travel is available.

The truth is, we don’t really know.

It’s safe to say that there are no confirmed alternate worlds out there like the ones in Interstellar, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist! lion king simba's star theory

Anne Hathaway’s hair during Interstellar.

It’s way too perfect all the time, and that just isn’t reality. Interstellar-Anne-Hathaway

What do you think? Maybe it’s time to plan your wedding or future kid’s birthday party in space?

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