Jimmy Fallon’s “Breakdance Conversation” Video is the the Most Nuanced Performance of Brad Pitt’s Career

Jimmy Fallon casts Brad Pitt in the best role of his life in his “Breakdance Conversation” video. Most people have wondered if Brad Pitt even had the capacity for a sense of humor anymore what with the long sourpuss face he always seems to be wearing, but it’s a good thing he still has the capacity to smile and a smidge of rhythm (although, let’s face it. The dancing is clearly done by doubles with editing straight out of 1980’s dance flicks).

“Breakdance Conversation” isn’t as good as Fallon’s other sketches, like his cover of Whip My Hair as Neil Young which is still his masterpiece. but it was pretty fantastic to see Brad’s mustache find its place in history, a Michael Jackson music video cutting room floor. All derisive cracks aside, Fallon and Pitt committed to it and while the sketch lacked any real finesse, the absurdity is pretty fantastic. It’s badness, like every movie made about dancing, is what makes you watch it 100 times. It’s a great, cheesy, throwback sketch and reminds us that Jimmy Fallon still is hosting a show on television, which most of us had all but forgotten.

Here’s the masterpiece for you:

whip my hair bruce springsteen & jimmy fallon… by runawaydream

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