John Oliver takes on Drones and the terror they are wreaking abroad

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver takes on yet another hot button issue. Distills down some facts, pulls out sources that generally don’t see the light of the mainstream media and makes a compelling case that America is a big frickin’ bully.

“There is something strange about the fact that we launched deadly drone strikes in 2 sovereign nations and that almost no one heard about it…During the Obama administration we have launched 8 times the number of drone strikes than under Bush”

The White House states “we only take these kinds of action when there is an imminent threat” which Oliver says sounds ok, but seems the rules are lost in a grey haze much like, as Oliver succinctly compares to “Harvey Keitel’s balls”.

So how does the US government find an ‘imminent threat’. Oliver sites an NBC obtained confidential memo from the US Justice Department. It states, “An imminent threat…does not require the US to have clear evidence that a specific attack on US persons and interests will take place in the immediate future.” Oliver is baffled, shouldn’t the threat HAVE to take place ‘imminently’ because that’s what the FUCKIN word ‘imminent’ means.

The US government doesn’t know exactly HOW MANY or WHO EXACTLY they are targeting on these drone strikes, and there is no accountability for needing to it seems.

Countries such as Pakistan live in constant fear of drone strikes, so much so that they are just part of the television graphics and cartoon appearances. When you make children in these countries fear blue skies because they do not know if a spectre of death is flying overhead, you may create a few fanatical terrorists. Or just people that want to fight back at the robot terror flying over head.

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