Kim Jong-un Seen at Jamaica’s Hedonism II!


N. Korea’s embattled leader, Kim Jong-un, surprised nude sunbathers at Negril, Jamaica’s Hedonism II Resort yesterday.

Perhaps to partially hide his rotund shape, Jong-un wore an “Ohio State Is For Lovers!” T-Shirt as he quickly joined a nude volleyball game.  Due to an as-yet undiagnosed physical condition which locks his arm into a semi-high-five position as seen in the above photograph, Jong-un was unable to contribute much to his team’s effort but was still all-smiles, as he patted his female teammates on their bare butts for making good shots..

Said one such teammate: “I didn’t know he spoke English until he called me ‘Babe-a-Licious’!”

Jong-un has long been a fan of the hedonistic life and for years lobbied 125 year-old Hugh Hefner unsuccessfully for invites to the famous Playboy Mansion parties.


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