Lottery Winner Claims $85M Prize in a Bear Costume To Protect Identity

This instant millionaire’s not messing around. A lottery winner in Shanxi Province in China picked up his $85 million prize in a bear costume to hide his identity to the public. The event was covered by media outlets.


It might seem like a hilarious stunt but it’s quite common for lottery winners to hide their real identity and protect themselves from people wanting to mooch off their winnings. The day the prize was collected by the lucky winner, he was interviewed by local news outlets.

As he was handed his winnings, the winner says, “I feel really excited. I think I will give part of the prize money to charity. I still don’t have a specific plan.” After a brief interview, the mystery winner was later escorted by officials out of the building.

lottery 2

If the winner didn’t think things through prior to claiming his prize, money-mongering “friends” would’ve trampled him on the spot.

In the US, only Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, and Ohio allow lottery winners to keep their identity from public records. In China, citizens may also choose to withhold their own identity but wearing costumes to hide their faces aren’t unusual at all.

In fact, it’s a common way to protect themselves from others who may have malicious intent on the cash prize.

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