Lynch Mob Hacks Off Rapist’s Dong, Leave His Severed Peen in The Middle of the Streets

An Indian man was caught in the act trying to rape a teenage girl when a mob of angry locals chased the rapist out and hacked his penis right off with a meat cleaver.

Oh, that’s gonna leave a mark!


A lynch mob in India’s northwestern Rajasthan state chased Suresh Kumar, after hearing screams from the assaulted teen. They found the suspect trying to pin the girl against a wall and everything went downhill from there for Kumar.

Locals grab Kumar, beat him with sticks for an hour, dragged him to the nearest butcher shop and had someone hack off his genitals with a massive meat cleaver. The castrated rapist was left bloodied on the side of the road while his severed genitals where thrown in the middle of the busy streets.

No one tried to help the man because in India where rape cases and brutality against women are at an all-time high and suspects are given just a slap on the wrist, people have started to take matters into their own hands.


According to one witness, Aamir Dhawan, 30, “We have had a lot of intolerable offences against women in this country recently, with girls being raped, hung, and molested, and it’s time it stopped. This sends out a very strong message to anyone like that – if you do it you will be punished.”

The incident sparked an investigation, authorities are asking those involved in the incident to come forward saying, “people can’t take the law into their own hands.”

In a statement, the authorities say “As deplorable as these crimes are, law and order has to be maintained. We ask those men who carried out this attack to hand themselves in before we find them.’

The teenage girl was rushed to the hospital and her condition remains critical.

The castration followed a string of violent sex crimes against women and children in India. In July, a seven year old girl was raped and then hung to a tree by three men who were later killed by an angry mob. This crime followed the grim case of sisters who were brutally gang raped and then subsequently hung from a tree in outside their village in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh.

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