Man Adopts 50 Babies After Making A Vow To God

In Nha Trang, Vietnam an incredibly noble man named Tong Phuc is raising more than 50 babies that would have been aborted, if he had not interceded, and offered to raise them. When Phuc’s wife was having a difficult time in delivery he made a vow to God that if he saved them, he would do something good for people. While his wife was recuperating he noticed women going in to the clinic pregnant and leaving alone. He asked the doctors if he could bury the aborted babies, as Catholics believe the baby has a soul, and their bodies should be respectfully buried. He used all his savings, and bought land for a baby grave yard. He has dug 9000 graves for the babies that have been aborted. It’s truly heart wrenching, and shocking to look at!

Phuc has seen over the last 4 years that out of 80 women, 30 have returned to take their children back once they were stable and could do it. Phuc’s greatest hope for the children is that they will one day be reunited with their mothers. He has struggled over the years but has never turned anyone away. What this man is doing is truly honorable, and heroic, and no doubt someday his treasure will be in heaven!

If you or someone you know is struggling with a pregnancy take heart there are resources available that are ready and willing to help women and their babies. This includes everything from shelter, to food, and clothing. Please contact your local Pregnancy Center.

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