Marketing Manager Quits The Rat Race To Setup Dog Café

A London woman quit her high flying job as a marketing manager to set up her own little dog café. Lisa Owen-Jones, who’s been a marketing manager for 20 years, got tired of leaving her beloved pooch, Lawrence, each day for work. And she decided enough’s enough.

cafe 2 Early this year, Owen-Jones launched her own coffee shop but it’s no ordinary café. It’s one that caters exclusively to fur babies and their owners. The Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Bar is situated in Muswell Hill and its’s quite a hit among dog lovers.


Menu includes everything from cheese bone biscuits to Flap Jack Russells, lollypups and puppaccinos! During the weekends, Owen-Jones says her weekend nibbles are so good, she couldn’t resist trying a few herself!

cafe 3

After quitting the rat race, did she ever regret opening a café instead? Not the least bit. Owen-Jones comes to work together with her dog, Lawrence and together, they entertain other fur babies!

In an interview, Owen-Jones says, “love my job, I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than with man’s best friend. When I got Florence in 2012 it really was love at first sight, I even carried her round in a puppy rucksack before she could even walk.

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‘I wouldn’t have my life any other way now. We have both a human and hounds menu and we also host birthday parties and afternoon tea, we have so much fun.”

Don’t think this quaint little café is exclusive to dog owners, the place also welcomes anyone who wants to relax and share treats with friends.

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