McConnell’s Neighborhood Association Furious Over Front Yard Coal Digging

Mitch McConnell, emboldened by improving political fortunes, is fulfilling his promise to wife Elaine Chao about going after the coal reserves a landscaper found while planting Gerbera Daisies in McConnell’s front yard.

McConnell’s Louisville Neighborhood Association is having none of it.
Said Association President Lou Screws on the assurance of anonymity, but then saying, “What the hell, I’m so pissed, go ahead and use my name!”:
“We frown upon backyard gazebos, for God’s sake, even when hidden by trees, so you can imagine how we view our neighbor’s recent activity.  I can’t even say his name without downing my blood pressure medicine.  He’s so shameless, I heard he wanted to dig up coal on the beautiful 14th hole at the Louisville Country Club, which is the only easy par on that whole course!”
McConnell defended his neighborhood position with Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation,” saying he (McConnell) had no regrets about possibly ruining his pastoral neighborhood, and could justify using the Army Corps of Engineers to do the digging:
“Listen Bob, what’s good for Mitch McConnell is good for Kentucky…and America!”     : 

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