Meanwhile in Taiwan, Jeremy Lin Poses As An Employee

Fresh from a successful deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, basketball superstar Jeremy Lin, has been making the rounds for various media and promotional obligations. One of the most unexpected is perhaps Lin masquerading as an Adidas employee somewhere in Taiwan.

That’s right, y’all, it’s not enough for the veteran point guard to bag multi-million endorsement deals, he was posing as an Adidas employee, pushing his goods to random customers! What’s more, the funny video is uploaded on Adidas’s YouTube page.

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Although Lin has a huge following overseas, especially in his native Taiwan, he still fooled a lot of people with that wig and glasses. Lin is fluent in Mandarin and easily blended into the crowd. In the video, Lin engages in playful banter with customers, chatting them up to explain the technical features of different kicks. His disguise fooled most customers!


A couple of giggly teens were able to see through his disguise but Lin was able to convince them otherwise. At some point, he offered one customer a free shirt but the guy declined.

This wasn’t the first time Lin pulled the same stunt. In San Francisco, he posed as a statue at the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum.

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