Meet The World’s Most Stylish Toddler, the instagram celebrity Alonso Mateo

Meet Alonso Mateo, the world’s most stylish toddler and probably the youngest Instagam celebrity. Alonso Mateo’s wardrobe may rival that of P.Diddy’s.

The adorable tot, son of a stylist mother and a financier father, has over 33K followers on Instagram and it’s easy to see why, the kid’s style is flawless!

Alonso’s mother started documenting his son’s ensemble as early as he was 4 and now at 6, Mateo’s become quite the trendsetter. He even has his own fan page.

From Paris to LA, Alonso’s style is always spot on.

alonso 2

The little fashionista’s even snapped with quite a number of celebrities too, including Brad Pitt

alonso 1

… and Vogue’s Anna Wintour.

alonso 3 alonso 4

Posing confidently on the camera like a GQ model, Mateo’s fabulous sense of style is credited to his freelance stylist mother, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa. Espinosa habitually posts her son’s most stylish ensembles on her own Instagram page. She has over 480,000 followers.

alonso 7

According to Espinosa, Alonso just loves Dior, Stella McCartney and Gucci (what, no Armani?). In an interview, Alonso’s mom says he loves wearing sunglasses and combat boots the most. Like a BOSS.

Alonso 8 alonso 9

As far as styling goes, Espinosa claims it’s all Alonso’s but she does help him out each time she can. Or as long as he allows her to help!

‘We had fun [shopping] together because it was my excuse to go to the mall one more time,” she quips.

alonso 10 Alonso LA alonso1

Some naysayers were quick to criticize Alonso’s parents for encouraging their son to be materialistic but the stylish tot’s dad says Alonso is a “normal kid” and a sweet boy.

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