Mysterious Clowns Haunt the Streets at Night…

The residents of Wasco, California, have taken it upon themselves to summon the Halloween spirit by roaming the town in the middle of the night in full clown attire! Creepily enough, it has become a local phenomenon. They even have their own instagram page, earning close to 25k followers in the last week, posting eerie clown photos near local landmarks.

The clowns of Wasco have remained harmless and police say there have been no links to criminal activity. There is a rumor floating around the internet saying it’s supposedly a “Husband and Wife Halloween Project”. The couple requested to remain anonymous. Though the photos posted from the Wasco clowns have mostly been captioned things like “come play with me” and “come find me”, it was a week ago they decided to expand their horizons and visit a nearby town by the name of Bakersfield.

Only days after the posting this picture on instagram, Bakersfield police had over a dozen reports of clowns wandering around with deadly weapons.


Wasco Clowns are known for holding balloons and even taking selfies with their “victims” but never actually harming anyone. Whoever is stalking the town of Bakersfield with weapons, could be a copycat. Although, this photo was creepily captioned “Like I said there’s more than one of us were all over”.


Local police in Wasco consider this to be some harmless Halloween fun. However, police in Bakersfield are concerned and worry that this could turn into something much worse. People are claiming the instagram account to be a fake and this whole thing to be nothing but a professional photo project gone viral.



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