Naughty pup kept pulling singer Kendra Moriah bikini top in a hilarious video!

My goodness, down boy! A video of a naughty pup that kept pulling an aspiring popstar’s bikini top went viral with over 3 million views on YouTube!


Kendra Moriah, who performs in a band called “The Dirty Little Blondes,” just wrapped up a video cover of Disney’s “Part of Your World” and launched her brand new song, “Burn Steady” online together with her band. Although the video received decent views on YouTube, it’s not her songs and covers that got people talking. It was a random video of her fighting to keep her top on from an over-exuberant dog.

In the video uploaded this month, a cute pup was out pulling her bikini top in a sandy beach somewhere in California. Moriah is seen laughing as she struggles to keep her top.

She cleverly named the video, “Bikini fail feat cute puppy.

Although Kendra is surprised and thankful for the warm reception she got from the video, she gently reminded her “fans” to focus more on her music (and the wonderful beach view). But seriously, who can concentrate on the music when a naughty pup trying to tackle a bikini top to submission kept hogging the limelight?

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