New ISIS video is released with British prisoner journalist John Cantlie…now fighting with facts

This is the whole video, unedited and posted on youtube by a couple of sources including the Times of Jordan and some other random youtube usernames. The funny thing is that of the several reputable news agencies all reporting this story. The original unedited videois not there, nor is there links to the videos. A couple examples:

The Independent: John Cantlie: Islamic State seems to be ‘changing tactics’ with softer new video

NYTimes: ISIS Video Uses British Hostage, John Cantlie, as Spokesman

The New York Times actually posts a video with their own commentary and only excerpts of Cantlie’s commentary.

It is a surprising change of tactics by ISIS to actually tackle the fight against the American and British forces with words, logic, and as Cantlie states ‘convey facts that you can verify’, than by sheer brutality that was shown with the two beheadings. It is very easy for the media to frame ISIS as savages deserving of airstrikes and the fiercest retaliation when they are showing videos too gruesome for the public to even watch. As Cantlie says ‘Over the next few programs, I am going to try to show you the truth, as the western media tries to drag the public back to the abyss of another war with the Islamic State.”

Contrast that to this video of Cantlie, a prisoner no doubt, but calmly stating that there is two sides to the fight in the middle east, and ‘if you contemplate (these facts) may preserve lives’. Well sounds like we have several more episodes to be released, and I hope that the public takes the time to watch them unedited, and then proceed to question their legitimacy, but also seek answers if they are indeed true.

Stay tuned…i’ve got my popcorn ready.



This could potentially fundamentally change the perception of the war in the Middle East, but it takes the public to to their homework. A start to this program, I highly suggest you check out the Academy Award nominated documentary Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill an editor at The Nation, a fascinating look into the thousands of US raids in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries that has claimed the lives of women, children and other innocent victims. You can check it out on Netflix.

Here’s the trailer:



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