If you could change one thing about yourself? New technology is doing just that (and it’s not plastic surgery)

A new technology utilizes a person’s brain waves to uncover his personal sense of ideal beauty. Photographer, Scott Chasserot, developed the project titled, “Original Ideal.”

Using an editing software, Chasserot is able to alter a simple headshot into that person’s preferred looks.

On his website, he asked, “What do we find instinctively beautiful in the human face, and how does this translate to self-image?”

He approached several people and asked them to pose for a simple, unadorned headshot. Using the editing software, he starts to manipulate the headshots. The edits, according to the project’s video, were made according to “scientifically established canons of beauty.”

Chasserot then presents the original and the altered image side by side to each subject, recording their immediate neuro-electric responses with an EEG headset to translate brainwaves and review every emotional reaction for signs of positive and negative response to the image. This allowed Chasserot to determine which versions of themselves subjects found to be ideal.

Check out the stunning images below, some tweaks are subtle but others are really obvious:

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5

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