The Newest, Whitest Rapper You’ve Never Heard of: Lil Dicky.

Unless you are a serious YouTuber, or a Redditor, you’ve probably never heard of David Burd, aka Lil Dicky. But those who have know his songs and videos have been popping up online for over a year now.

Burd’s video “Ex-Boyfriend” went viral last year, garnering over 1 million views in just over 24 hours:

For a guy who started rapping as a way to be funny, he’s definitely found his niche, combining a good flow with intentional stoppages designed to make him seem as though he’s rapping freestyle. The upper middle class kid from Pennsylvania has spent the better part of 2014 touring smaller venues, building up a devoted following and bringing out fans who first discovered him online.

Burd released his first mixtape, So Hard, in 2013, with corresponding videos posted to his YouTube and SoundCloud accounts. After that he began releasing weekly Hump Day tracks, including the hilarious Lion King, which he describes as the Lion King story being told by a Thug.

Check out his YouTube and SoundCloud accounts, and dont forget to follow him on Facebook and Twitter for more about the rough life of an average, upper middle class white dude!

And hey, why not see if hes gonna be popping up in your town any time soon?

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