NYC subway gave the best throwback pictures ever!

The iconic New York City subway just celebrated its 110th anniversary this week. And as part of the tribute, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority operated two vintage trains along the 2/3 track between 96th Street and Times Square-42nd Street. Commuters were treated to a throwback ride!

The two trains are the four-car Low Voltage train, which ran until the late 1960s and the “Train of Many Colors,” which ran from the 60s until 2001.

subway 2

Google took part of the anniversary celebration by offering users a virtual tour of the New York Transit Museum. The virtual tour showcases the changing look of the iconic subway throughout the century.

This isn’t the first time the Metropolitan Transportation Authority offered vintage rides on old trains. During the winter season, the NY MTA brings back several treasured NYC subway cars on the tracks as part of the NY Transit Museum’s “Holiday Vintage Program.” Each Sunday between the Thanksgiving weekend and New York weekend, people can go and take a ride on these vintage subway cars!

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