Train crashes into an 18 Wheeler truck sitting across the tracks. All caught on video, watch it now!

In Mer Rouge, Louisiana, a freight train crashed into an 18 wheeler truck stuck on the rails, causing a horrific crash and it’s all on video!

The accident happened last Sunday and the aftermath was so severe, local authorities conducted evacuation of fifty homes in neighboring areas over fears of gas leaks.

The driver of the 18-wheeler truck that prompted a devastating derailment was not in the vehicle when the freight train crashed while the train’s conductor sustained non-life threatening injuries and is still in the hospital getting treatment.

The whole thing was caught on camera. Watch the mind-blowing incident below:

Union Pacific freight train’s 17 carriages and two engines of the 87-carriage were derailed after crashing to the stranded truck on the train track and luckily no one died from the accident.

A couple who were nearby when the incident happened were able to film the exact moment when the crash occurred.

Later footage shows gas leaking from a pressurized argon gas container, prompting massive evacuation by locals for fear of explosions or gas poisoning.

Dozens of residents were allowed to return to their homes when the area was cleared from hazardous gas.

Incredibly, this wasn’t the first time such accident happened in Mer Rouge.

According to an interview by KNOE news, Police Chief Mitch Stephens, “We’ve had three fatalities down here at this other crossing and this is the second 18-wheeler crash we have had right here.”

This would be the second time this week that a Union Pacific freight train crashed. In the east of Uintah, two Union Pacific freight trains crashed into each other near Interstate 84. According to Weber County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mark Lowther, the freight trains were headed to California on October 8 and collided around 9:30 this morning.

It’s been a rough week for Union Pacific it seems.

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