Pay Your Respects on the Go at a Drive-Thru Funeral


Are you planning a funeral and are in a rush? No worries. You can always go through the drive-thru. In fact, if you are a little hungry, you could not only go through the funeral’s drive-thru, by keeping your foot on the pedal, just zoom over to the nearest fast food place and visit their drive-thru, too.

Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, MI has set up a “drive-thru” viewing system. No, this is nothing elaborate. An open casket and the dearly departed are situated next to an open window. Anyone who wants to pay respects while not take ten minutes out of their day is able to just drive on by and catch a glimpse of the casket’s resident.

Come on, people are on the go. Two families have already taken the funeral home up on their pragmatic offer so someone thinks its a good idea. Not sure how those who live or work in the neighborhood who always have the departed in their line of vision all day must feel, though.

Whether or not this new funeral idea becomes a trend remains to be scene. Honestly, history is home to far weirder ways of honoring those who have passed. If we go back thousands of years and look at various cultures, drive-thru funerals are, well, still pretty odd.

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