Penis Broken? Use Your Finger

Most of use have had laughs over funny or confusing signs. Many talk show hosts have tied signage segments into their act, and through to the stupidity (or comic genius) of people around the world hilarity ensues.

When Ellen aired a sign found in BC staying “Penis Broken use finger instead”, production staffer Andy couldn’t hold it together. Between fits of laughter he could only choke out the words ‘penis finger’ when asked about the joke.

This kicked off more giggles as it turns out penis finger can actually be found in the urban dictionary. It is a condition in which a person’s fingers actually resemble penises. This sounds like either a tough condition to live with, or the magic touch men everywhere have been looking for.

Source: Tosh.0 blog

Having phallic fingers is not the only coloration between penises and fingers. A published Korean study outlines data that suggests men with shorter index fingers than ring fingers may have bigger penises. One more reason for women to look at a man’s ring finger for insight.

Source: Queer Me Up

If you have a broken penis, perhaps it IS best to use your finger instead. According to a Russian article a finger transplant may be the most effective method in the creation and reconstruction of the penis. One would think those suffering with penis finger would likely be the best candidates for the surgery.

Perhaps there was more to the joke than I thought.

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