Pissed Off Camel Bit American To Death Over A Can of Coke

An American died in a gristly attack involving a furious camel at a wildlife park in Mexico. According to reports, the camel became upset because it hadn’t received its daily ration of Coca Cola, prompting the animal to bite, kick and smother Richard Mileski. Mileski died on Monday at the Tulum Monkey Jungle, which he owned.

An employee of the animal sanctuary confirmed the identity, age and the circumstances of Mileski’s death.

In a statement issued to the Associated Press, Tulum Civil Defense official Alberto Canto spoke about the horrifying attack:

“The camel kicked and bit him practically to death, and when he was almost dead, he sat on him. Between the blows and the weight of the camel on top of him, he was asphyxiated.”

camel 1

There is a lot of conflicting information regarding how and why the attack happened but one thing remains clear, Mileski was known to hand over sodas and on the day he died, he failed to give the camel the drink. It remains unclear what sort of enclosure the animal is in at the time it attacked.

The pissed off camel had to be pulled with a rope tied to a truck to get him off the body of Mileski. Authorities came in and seized the camel, along with 13 spider monkeys, 2 emus, 2 llamas, a wild boar, and six deer. The wild animals were later turned over to Mexico’s Attorney General’s office for Environmental Protection. An investigation of the incident is pending.

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