Popular “Wandering Jew” Costume Causes Uproar!


The “Wandering Jew” costume, where the person, indeed dresses like a “Wandering Jew” Plant, has taken the Halloween world by storm and dominated sales in the all-too- important 6-9 year-old age “Mom, I want one!” demographic.

The costume has its share of critics, including Rabbi Julius Fardstein, who leads several New York City temple congregations and has his own hip Sirius Radio Show, “Rappin’ With the Rabbi, S’Up, My Brothers?”

Said the Rabbi: “Listen, I’m as much a party guy as the next ultra-orthodox Jewish father of 6, but Jews have been vilified for thousands of years   Do we really need a costume that makes fun of us, too?”

Commented Ohio State Botany Professor, Dr. Lewis Legwort, on the assurance he would remain anonymous (yeah, right!):  “The costume for the Tradescantia pallida or Wandering Jew Plant does not make fun of Jews at all and just celebrates the plant world. Uh, while I was brought in as a paid consultant on the costume’s design, I am in no way a biased observer!”

Garry Moskowitz, owner of “Lots a Costumes” of Dustin, FL, which imports the costumes, said he’s Jewish and has no problem with the costume himself:

“The Wandering Jew is just one of thousands of creative, inexpensive and comfortable costumes we have online and at our dozen area stores.  Try our ‘Ebola Man’ costume, it’s rad,” added 94 year-old but still spry Moskowitz, who didn’t want to remain anonymous and instead get free PR.

Given the Wandering Jew’s popularity this year, Moskowitz is not surpisingly having a whole line of foliage costumes next year, including the Venus Fly-Trap and Poison Ivy.

He predicted to have his company at $100 million in annual sales by the time he turned 100.





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