Post-Split: Amber Rose Spending Sexy Time With Nick Cannon

Former stripper turned serial twerker Amber Rose just filed for divorce from rap star, Wiz Khalifa, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their break up. Awww… their year-end marriage seemed like it’ll last forever but apparently, things went sour when word that Amber was out spending time with Nick Cannon started to spread.


Amber and Wiz have a one-year –old son, Sebastian and the former is seeking full custody and spousal support with terms defined in their prenuptial agreement (smart move). Reports confirm that Amber has no plans of challenging the prenup.

Now, about the cheating rumors with Mariah’s soon-to-be-ex, Nick Cannon is reportedly managing Amber Rose’s career, and this is seen as the likely reason for the split.

amber rose

Of course, Nick, who is going through a rough patch with his wife, five-time Grammy winning pop megastar extraordinaire, Mariah Carey, himself, denied any involvement in the split.

According to a source, Nick only learned about the end of Amber’s marriage through her lawyers last week as he signed her on as a client.

The split between Amber and Wiz came as a shock to fans seeing that the former model recently celebrated her husband’s album reaching no.1. And just because she wanted more attention, she posted the video on YouTube and it quickly turned viral:

And just to confirm publicly that Amber is almost single again, she stepped out Tuesday at Wolford in Beverly Hills sans her wedding rings. That same day, she posted a nude photo of herself on her Instagram account, no doubt reminding Wiz what he’ll be missing (clue: it’s her luscious butt).


Insiders said the split is “bitter,” with both parties accusing each other of cheating.

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In the midst of this circus, one might wonder, how the hell does Nick land these ladies? Does he have a diamond-encrusted dick or something?

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