Prune Chewies Voted Least Favorite Halloween Candy…Again!

Prune Chewies have once again beaten Spinach Swizzle Sticks and Cauliflower Skittles as “Least Favorite Candy” among kids in the latest Gallop Poll.

Gallup Pollsters cautioned against making too much out of the findings.
Oliver Prewitt, chief pollster who has been known to break into a “gallup” after a few drinks, said that any current poll of kids was likely to be highly-biased.
“Between all the sexting and after-school stuff kids do nowadays, the ones we were able to reach for the poll were probably a bunch of lonely losers, though don’t quote me on that!”
Adding: “I don’t mean to say that my kids are lonely losers, just the other ones in my kids’ school, and their parents are nothing to brag about either!  I suddenly feel like I need to retain an attorney!”
Les Fielder, National Sales Manager for the MARS Company that makes popular candy such as MARS Bars and Milky Ways, was a tad sarcastic in his assessment of kids’ tastes:
“Companies have been trying all kinds of tricks for decades to get kids to eat healthier, but kids will never choose prunes or spinach or cauliflower over a good 3 Musketeers on Halloween or any other time.  And since kids come in all ages, you know that  parents would make the same choices for themselves if nobody were around!  That’s why parents can’t wait until their children move out of the house!”


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