The search for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Just how much garbage do we throw into our ocean every year? A team of brave souls are now hunting for a place called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” The rumored island is said to be twice the size of Texas and is floating somewhere in the Pacific.

garbage 2

It might not be the Pacific cruise you had in mind but the trip goes to show how far we’ve come as far as polluting our waters goes.

The hunt for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch started in the 90s when Charles Moor, a sailor, was out racing his catamaran back to California from Hawaii when he decided to cut through the center of the North Pacific Gyre.  Most boats avoid the gyre because it’s windless but Moore had a motored boat, the wind, or lack thereof, was of no concern.

It was here that Moore came across the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Junk was lapping against his boat. Flabbergasted over what he saw, Captain Moore turned his boat into a research vessel and dedicated his life finding out more about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Hell, he even cruises on the Gyre with his family to check out the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


The garbage patch is located in one of the most remote places on earth that’s why it’s been undiscovered for so long! Some adventurers tried to find the Great Pacific Garbage Patch but the search for it has become much like spotting a UFO. Experts are now hunting the garbage island to determine how a complex ecosystem of marine animals started thriving in it. Check out the series below:

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