“It’s not Rape…It’s a Snuggle With a Struggle” T-shirt. Stirs Public Outrage Online, Investigation Underway

The  “It’s Not Rape, It’s Snuggle with a Struggle” shirt posted by writer, Karen Kunawicz on her Facebook Page has generated public outrage targeted towards the largest mall operator in the Philippines.


Worse, the offensive shirts were on full display at the Teen’s section of the department store. The shirt featured two hands forming a heart with text that read, “It’s not rape. It’s a snuggle with a struggle.”

Kunawicz wrote, “Boys listen to Tita (Auntie) Karen — if a girl says NO and pushes you away, just err on the side of caution, she likely means NO.”

After taking a lot of heat from angry, indignant reactions from various online sites, notably, the 1,700+ angry comments at Kunawicz ‘s Facebook Page,  SM Supermalls posted a half-assed apology on their Facebook page:

apology sm

SM said in its statement that the shirt has “a message that we too find unacceptable.”

SM Supermalls own over 46 shopping malls in the Philippines and have expanded in various parts of Asia, including China.

SM claims that the shirts have been pulled from all its stores but this did not stop public outrage. The photo has been shared more than 4,000 times on Facebook, quickly garnering attention from global news outlets including BuzzFeed, TIME and Huffington Post, adding to the embarrassment of key people in SM Supermalls who “overlooked” the shirt design.


As of press time, SM Supermall has launched an investigation on the “malicious” shirt and posted a statement saying, “We have immediately pulled out all the T-shirts of the consignor that distributes them, and we are investigating why it was included in our delivery of assorted t-shirts.”

However, SM Supermall reps are still mum on who the distributor was, raising question as to how sanctions will be imposed over the release of the highly offensive shirts in public.

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