Skeleton Dog Glows in the Dark!

Nixe the skeleton dog is doing it right this fall! There’s no need to squeeze your puppy into some ridiculous outfit this Halloween, when you can use non-toxic glow in the dark face paint and create the coolest costume ever!

Nixe is a 13 month old Black German Shepherd in training for Search & Rescue! Her owner, Artist Bryn Anderson, painted a doggie skeleton on her black fur and you can bet it looks even cooler in the dark. But don’t panic, Anderson has assured the people of the internet that it is a completely harmless vegetable based face paint. It washes off with water instantly. Her photos have gone viral this week and she’s officially got her own facebook page where you can find endless cute photos of her and even more designs!


skelton dog 2

skelton dog

She can even cosplay as a fox! Amaze.


nixe fox


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