Small Breeze Brings Democracy to a Halt

Everyone remembers when Sarah Palin famously claimed that she was well versed in foreign affairs because she could see Russia from her bedroom window. Well, now Governor Rick Scott of Florida has upped the ante for the inane.

In a recent debate with ex-Governor Charlie Crist, Scott refused to take the floor because his opponent had a small fan under his podium. According to the Governor’s office, this was a violation of such epic proportions that democracy needed to come to a screeching halt in order to rectify the situation.

You’d think, given all the hot air that was sure to be coming out of the mouths of both Florida governors that a cool breeze would be appreciated. Or maybe Scott was just throwing a tantrum because he didn’t have his own fan. Though, apparently Scott has fans of his own in the audience, who yelled for Crist to follow the rules.

Surprisingly, Crist who is famous for ditching his party line whenever he meets even the slightest resistance, didn’t give in on the fan issue. He was more than happy to continue to debate the important issues, even while Scott wasn’t present. He obviously felt like it was a debate he couldn’t lose.

Eventually Scott did surrender to the tiny wind blowing machine.

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