These Soldiers Travel The World To Surprise Their Families

Travel isn’t always pleasure. Soldiers travel countless hours to protect their countries, and it leaves them missing their families. There is nothing more touching than seeing a deployed soldier and their families reunite after months, or years, apart! These snippets of reunited families will melt your heart, and probably your mascara.

Surprise visit for his daughter’s birth:

This soldier had to watch his wife give birth over web-cam to their first daughter while he was in the Middle East. WHILE this was taking place, he was slipped a peice of paper granting his leave. He immediately travelled 22 hours to suprise his wife and their now 1-day-old baby in the hospital. This is the whole video: prepare for tears.


Son surprising his Dad at work:

This super tight knit family talks whenever possible. This son planned this surprise knowing it would make his Dad’s day.

This family is being honored as a military family on the field of a South Carolina Gamecocks game.

Little do they know who is going to walk on the field in a few moments…

Here is an awesome compilation of soldiers surprising their loved ones that will just destroy you:

Some travel isn’t for vacation, but it’s still definitely worth the hours in the sky.

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