Still Bummed Out Over the Apple iPhone’s #BendGate? KFC Japan Developed The Best Way To Protect Your iPhone!

Aside from the mind-boggling technology, the kitsch street style and the amazing food, Japan is also world-renowned for quirky inventions. And KFC’s recent promo geared towards its Twitter followers proved this point by coming up with the granddaddy of all iPhone cases.


The global fastfood chain recently unveiled its fried-chicken keyboard, computer mouse and USB drive as part of a Twitter promo and giveaway. But in a bid to outdo itself, KFC Japan developed this monster:

In what looks like the most hilarious digital accessories ever, KFC’s fried-chicken iPhone case could be strong enough to prevent your iPhone from bending #BendGate. Heh.

shocked kfc

The iPhone case is shaped like a hugeass drumstick dipped in batter and deep-fried to perfection, which let’s face it, KFC built its brand on. On top of the iPhone case, there is a seam where it separates so you can pop your iPhone in with relative ease. You can then grip the drumstick and chatter away as if you don’t have a fucking chicken drumstick stuck to your ear.

The promo material is just as strange as the drumstick shaped mobile protector is. It shows an Asian woman holding a beverage, happily chatting away with a giant drumstick on her ear while a chubby anime of Colonel Sanders laughs himself silly beside her. Even the colonel can’t believe the absurdity of it all!


And the fun didn’t stop there. KFC also released a giant plush drumstick pillow with three holes so you can stick your head in one of the holes and then tuck your hands in too. Why? Because you don’t need to look good while catching some snooze in public, apparently.

Just like the quirky drumstick iPhone case, the plush drumstick pillow is also part of KFC’s promo so these bad boys are not available in any market place. I know…one tear.

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