Ball State football player left sh*tty tip for waitress, then subsequently arrested

A group of teens found themselves getting more than they asked for when they pulled a cruel prank in an Indiana restaurant. Ball State Daily reports that a group of teens, including three university football players, were having lunch at the Brothers Bar & Grill and were attracting attention to themselves for their rude behavior.

tip 2

According to the police report, after eating, the group left the restaurant, but not before the suspect, a 17 year old, left the table and went to the bathroom. He later re-merged and handed a tip to the waitress who gave him the bill. A security video shows the suspect handing the money into the black folder.

tip 3

As the waitress picked up the bill, the group of rowdy boys were laughing. She smelled a “foul odor” coming from the black folder. When she opened it, two of the bills were covered in a brown substance that she later realized was fecal matter.

She then called the police and had the teen apprehended. Incredibly, the suspect actually stuck around the restaurant a little while longer and was arrested onsite. The prankster was charged with battery with bodily waste in juvenile court.

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