The Most Shocking Celebrity DUI’s That Should Have been Prevented.

Apart from being insanely rich, beautiful and famous, what do these celebs have in common? They’ve spent time in the clink for driving under the influence:


Paris Hilton


Before the Kardashian kraziness invaded the small screen, there was Simple Life’s Paris Hilton. The semi-retired actress and ex-reality star became a fodder for the tabloids until a 2007 DUI left her star a little dull. Folks, don’t drink and drive!



Keifer Sutherland



Kiefer’s drunken antics are well known (and surprisingly well-documented) in Hollywood. His love for the booze landed him in jail in 2007 after failing a field sobriety test. Next time you’re driving Kiefer, don’t forget your Safe Driving Breathalyzer.



Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie may look like she had her life together now but in the late 2000s, she was partying it up with her co-star Paris Hilton and ending up in jail multiple times. The socialite’s legal troubles began in 2003 when she was arrested for driving under a suspended license and heroin possession. In 2006, she went to jail for a DUI, serving a harrowing 82 minutes in prison.


Mel Gibson


Before going on his now-infamous anti-semitic tirade, Mel Gibson was banned from driving in Ontario, Canada from 1984 after driving under the influence of alcohol. Since then, the aging actor and director has had a string of run-ins with the cops, including a stint in jail for a DUI in 2006.


Charles Barkley


Basketball star turned host/comedian Charles Barkley has been arrested multiple times, including a DUI in 2008.



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