This German Ear Fetishist will make you queazy…in a good way!

“No pleasure is ferBODEN” says a German dude dressed as a headphone…yup that’s the latest commercial from Sennheiser the electronics company. In a bid to stand out in the fiercely competitive headphone market currently dominated by BOSE and the newly acquired Beats by Dre (by Apple).

However sometimes the best press you can’t even pay for. As Dr. Dre and Tyrese (unlikely buddy comedy?) took a vid of them celebrating the imminent acquisition and ‘hip hop’s first Billionaire’ before it was officially announced.

Citing anonymous sources close to the situation, Billboard said “the Apple family near imploded with outrage” after actor Tyrese Gibson posted the explicit video of Dre to Facebook earlier this month.

Drunk on Heineken, Dre and his buddies used some seriously explicit language in the 84-second clip, in which Dre implied the deal was a sure thing when many of the terms remained ambiguous.

Family-friendly Apple surely didn’t approve of the many expletives, but it was likely even more upset about the other content. As a company, Apple thrives on secrecy and careful execution. That brash, messy video sits in stark contrast to how Apple does business — and probably prompted Apple executives to reconsider where Dre will fit inside the company.

When you mix rappers with the largest corporation on the planet that’s a marriage in heaven. Good luck!

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