Three Boobed Florida Woman – HOAX Revealed!

News of a woman who claimed to have undergone a 20 grand plastic surgery procedure to add a third breast to her body set the internet ablaze a couple of days ago but now, the story is being revealed as a FAKE! Ironically, because a crime was committed against her and details about it revealed her dirty secret, a three boobed prosthetics.


Jasmine Tridevile, a 21 year old massage therapist claims that she went though the procedure in a bid to make her body less attractive to men – and also to score a deal for a reality show with MTV.

three boobs

Her story became viral to a point where she appeared in a local TV news network.

The news anchor, clearly mesmerized by the three boobed lass, asked her to flash the whole of Tampa, Florida with her three breasts on cam, at which Tridevile complied. Seconds later, he asked her to “hold it up just a little longer” to get a better shot. He got shot down. Umm… yeah.

Watch the video of the local TV news anchor dissed here on TMZ.

But according to TMZ, a document from the police revealed that someone stole several pieces of luggage off an American Airlines conveyor belt and one of the bags happened to be owned by Tridevile.

TMZ broke the story, the thieves were ID’ed and caught and the bags’ items were inventoried by the police before Tridevile could stop them from checking out her stuff. The item from her bag is a three-breast prosthetic. Here’s the actual police report:

police papers three boobs

And that’s when lies after lies were revealed. According to The Daily Mail, Jasmine Tridevil is actually a masseuse named Alisha Hessler and that one of her specializations, as seen on her website is to “provide internet hoaxes since 2014.”, internet’s leading mythbuster, dished out all the dirty deets about Tridevil including links to her Facebook and YouTube page.

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