Two Great White Sharks Caught on Video Duking It Out in Australia

A video of two great white sharks caught in an epic battle off the coast of South Australia is making the rounds online.

Adam Malski, who was on a diving trip when he caught the whole spectacle, uploaded the video on YouTube. According to Malski, he was watching a 4.8-meter shark named Gilbert when a smaller great white shark appeared, attacking Gilbert for food in a blink of an eye.


In an interview, Malski said, “The day where the shark attacked the other was surreal. I asked the dive master and skipper of the boat what would happen if a smaller shark got in the way of a larger shark.

The skipper responded, ‘The big shark would take the smaller one down’. Literally six seconds later, that amazing scene was witnessed by the skipper, the dive master and me. They had never seen anything like it before. I believe that it is extremely rare footage, as great whites are elusive and still largely unknown creatures.”

Check out the epic brawl below:

What makes the whole thing interesting is that great white sharks typically avoid any form of confrontation with each other. Gilbert the shark, who’s quite known in the area, one-upped the smaller shark thanks to his massive girth.

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