Did A Typo lead Christian Bale to lose 60 pounds For The Machinist?

Remember the time Christian Bale lost a dizzying amount of weight for a film role? It turns out, that’s not even part of the script at all!


Christian Bale is no stranger to method acting. But in his film, The Machinist, Bale shocked his audience with his emaciated appearance. The psychological thriller, which was released in 2004, was a critically acclaimed blockbuster, partly because of Bale’s method acting and stunning transformation.

Now his co-star, Michael Ironside reveals that Bale’s radical weight loss was due to a typo! In fact, the part where the protagonist lost so much weight wasn’t even in the script at all.

In an interview by Huffington Post, Ironside reveals that the writer, who was about 5’6, developed the script with his own weight in place. Then, when Bale agreed to be on board, he didn’t want to change the weight because he wanted to see if he could make the weight.

In short, the weight he writes on the bathroom in the film is not fake at all, it’s Bale’s actual weight as the film progressed.


Ironside adds, the film’s protagonist was meant for a much shorter actor. Bale is 6 feet tall and dropped his weight to a mind-bending 121 pounds, the average weight of a teenage girl. And just to prove that Bale is one hell of a badass, he bulked up six weeks after doing “The Machinist” to play the Caped Crusader in Batman Begins.

And if you might recall, he bulked up so fast, director Christopher Nolan felt Bale had gotten too bulky. Bale was ordered to lose 20 pounds so they could fit all that muscle into a bat suit.

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