The Unlikely Friendship Between a Japanese Toddler and a French Bulldog…it’s the cutest!

Lucky Aya Sakai, a Tokyo-based mom, lives in a house full of cuteness. She’s been documenting her son’s unlikely friendship with the family dog, a French bulldog named, Muu on Instagram and Facebook.

Sakai, who was a former fashion/advertising exec knows a thing or two about how one picture can evoke a thousand emotions.

“I once handled magazine advertising, so perhaps I picked up a sense for visual expression and how to show photos.”

But giving birth, Sakai gave up her job to care for her son, Tasuku. That’s when she started documenting the life of her toddler and the family dog.

And now, the adorable sidekicks have over half a million followers on Instagram!

Whether it’s lounging around the couch watching his favorite cartoons…

pic 1

… exploring the great outdoors


… or serving jail time…

pic 5

Tasuku is never without Muu!

pic 9

They love chillin’ around doing nothing


… and even solving difficult problems together


Because that’s what bros do!

pic 10

Sometimes Tasuku’s lil’ bro joins in on the action


Muu stands in as Tasuku’s pillow for his afternoon naps


… and even as a foot stool for Tasuku’s bro.

pic 8

.. but that’s cool. Such is a dog’s life

Aya Sakai’s online diary has ballooned to 900+ pictures and counting. Sakai and husband , Takeshi, a publicist for a men’s apparel chain, would sometimes be seen in pictures but they mostly play supporting roles. The fiercely private family rarely ever grants interviews but judging by the pics, there is a lot of love (and bowl cuts) in their home!

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