Wacky GE Light Bulb Commercial Starring Jeff Goldblum Goes Viral on YouTube! Watch The Video Here!

Developing a viral video based on a seemingly mundane home item like a light bulb is by no means an easy feat. GE isn’t exactly known for its funny commercials but the global lighting solutions company has been stepping it up really hard on the commercials lately, tapping Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim stars, Tim Heideker and Eric Wareheim, to develop commercials for them.

In a bid to shake up the 122-year-old brand, GE came up with this gem of a video starring, the Jurassic Giant Jeff Goldblum, in what could be the most important role of his career, as Terry Quattro, an obnoxious, egotistic actor with 80’s porn coif.


In the commercial, Terry Quattro credits his success (and good looks) to good lighting. He’s pitching for the new GE Link light bulb.

The light bulb can be controlled using the Wink app on your smart phone, which connects to a Wink hub plugged into your wall socket. And forget about calling a pro to install the light bulbs, Terry quips, the light bulb is so easy to install, you can do it while painting a self-portrait, then went on to demonstrate it himself.

Check out the hilarious clip below:


Terry Quattro went on about how for an “embarrassingly small amount of money” you “can get successful-guy lighting at normal-guy prices.” According to GE, the new Link light bulb lasts 22 years, working out 66 cents per year, which Terry says is what he spends on moist towelettes every 13 seconds.

The Independence Day star tells the audience to have their “lighting servant” hook their home some Link light bulbs. Terry adds, by spending $14.97 on the Link light bulb, “You can kiss your horribly lit, non-successful life goodbye!”

He then goes on shirtless; half submerged in a Jacuzzi promising the Link light bulb is also perfect for “setting the romantic mood in your music room, which is also your hot tub room.”

Unsurprisingly, the commercial video went viral on YouTube, generating around 873,924 views and more than 6,000 likes!

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