WATCH: Adorable Otters Noshing on Handmade Sushi

Cuteness overload! Two super adorable Asian short-clawed otters are being hand-fed with sushi at the National Sea Life Center in Birmingham, UK!

According to a rep, several National Sea Life Center staffers saw how the otters, named Apricot and Mango, started losing their appetite; they were not eating enough carrots and apples. That’s when keeper and former chef, Rob Gaster got creative!

otter 2

Gaster got the fussy eaters to wolf down more fruits and veggies by disguising them in handmade sushi. Mango and Apricot willingly noshed on the nutritious treats wrapped in raw fish. Their favorite? Pangasius!

Gaster, who sometimes hand-feeds the otters himself using chopsticks (for that authentic feel, we guess), got the idea of disguising the food as delectable otter snacks two months ago. However, because otter’s main diet does vary, the sushi feast is only reserved on special occasions so Mango and Apricot won’t lose interest.

According to the International union for Conservation of Nature, otters are listed as endangered species. The Sea Life Center is working with The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) to help educate the public about the otters and the dangers they face.

Check out Mango and Apricot happily munching on sushi in the video below:

This wasn’t the first otters were given such a novel treat. Last year, The Shedd Aquarium celebrated Sea Otter Awareness Week by creating several cakes made for otters!

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