WATCH: Ranting homophobe taken down by a mob in a Dallas airport

You do not want to mess around with Dallas folks, especially if you make a scene in the airport. A homophobic man was caught on cam being taken down by a group of bystanders after attacking his fellow passenger, another guy whom the attacker mistook for a gay man.


The unprovoked attack seemed to have stemmed from the man standing right next to a gay guy. A dude in a cowboy hat tried to pacify the situation and asked why the attacker was upset. All’s hell broke loose when he claimed, “Queers is what I’m upset about! This faggot right here.”

And because shouting homophobic slurs in a crowded airport is not enough, the angry dude started kicking and hitting the guy beside him, to get the point across. The ranting man was pinned down quickly and the airport police took over.

pink-shirt-attack (1)

At some point during the scuffle, the suspect smiles and laughs, even explaining to the two arresting officers, who are black, why he did it:

“Let me tell you the reason why I did it: Because this is America, that’s why, the same reason you get to live and breathe and walk black.”

Despite being beat up by a crowd of angry mob and cuffed by two hulking officers, the suspect spat threats to the guy he assaulted. The arrest was confirmed by the DFW but no further details were released relating to the attack.

You can watch the glorious moment when the homophobic suspect was taken down below:

The video was recorded by Andrew Kennedy, who together with his brother, Neal Kennedy, gave their two cents on what happened:

“We saw a very troubled man. We hope that he was under the influence of some kind of substance — because if he wasn’t and that’s his true personality then he’s going to have a very long road in front of him.”

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