What Happens When Two A.I. Robots Meet For The First Time? Watch This Video!

So what happens when two A.I chatbots sit down for a casual convo? A lot, apparently. A highly entertaining video posted by YouTube user, winterblessed, features two artificial intelligence Cleverbots “meeting” for the first time and started a conversation with each other.

Of course, unlike real people who try to stay away from hot-button issues, the two Cleverbots dug into topics as wide ranging as the real meaning of life and the “merits of pairing cheese and tomatoes together.”

Watch the thought-provoking video below:

The convo between two A.I is oddly mesmerizing and bizarre and on the comment section below, viewers are starting their own weird conversations about “newly emerging reality.” One viewer wrote:

“I find listening to these conversations between chat bots an amazing glimpse into a newly emerging reality. Really listen to this “conversation” and then tell me you don’t find it somewhat disorienting to recall that these are just machines talking to each other. Is there meaning to this conversation?

Imagine a world where the human species is wiped out and there isn’t any singularity or runaway explosion of artificial super intelligence. But a world where self-repairing solar cells continued to power billions and billions of machines having just these kinds of conversations with one another from now until the Earth’s end. What a strangely smart and stupid little world.”

Since it was posted, the video has generated almost 160,000 views and 1,110 likes. The video has since then been featured in popular sites including Reddit. However, this wasn’t the first time two chatbots got into a convo. In 2011, developers from the Cornell Creative Machines Lab created two computer-generated entities designed to sound like humans interacting with each other. Awkward hilarity ensued.

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