You’ve Never Seen Raw Rapping Talent Like This!

You cannot spit rhymes as well as this kid! 17-year-old rapper, A-F-R-O (real name Jamal Gutierrez) may have just come out of a car crash that left eight of his ribs broken but you cannot tell the horrific aftermath of his accident when you watch him rapping like this:

A-F-R-O became quite popular after a video of him dropping it down free style on Rugged Man’s YouTube channel last month. But not in a good way. Kid was so good, people actually thought everything was staged and nothing was spontaneous about his initial performance.


And just to prove that A-F-R-O is the real deal, the kid went back a week later with a new video to erase all doubt that he can spit it freestyle. To prove just how legit A-F-R-O is, Rugged Man started throwing random objects and people at the kid, each thing – and person – is incorporated into A-F-R-O’s lyrics!

Of course, the video not only silenced the haters, it blew people’s mind. The performance featured items handed to him in real time, including water bottles and shoes as well as names of actual people like his mother.

So far, the freestyle beat down was viewed 197, 853 and liked by 2,839. This kid is definitely going places! Share this with your friends, and get this kid a record deal!

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