Lorcana Disney Trading Card Game All You Need to Know

Lorcana Disney Trading Card Game All You Need to Know

Everyone seems to be talking about Disney’s Lorcana, but what the heck is it?

Disney Lorcana cards is a brand new trading game, that gives you the opportunity to play with all your favorite Disney characters.

Walt Disney company said it hopes to attract both Disney fans who are new to trading card games, and trading card vets looking for a new game.

This Disney trading card game (known as TCG) is similar to other games, such as the likes of Magic: The Gathering and the Pokemon TCG, you’ll collect cards in booster packs and create decks with the aim of defeating your opponent.

Earlier this month (September 2022), Disney released their first chapter of cards from its upcoming game “Lorcana”.Imagine the “Super Smash Bros,” but with Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, and Cruella de Vil. Would Maleficent and Cruella de Vil be pals or would they pitch against each other? Could Stitch warm to the likes of Captain Hook? Robin Hood and Elsa, could they even team up?

Lorcana was designed in collaboration with family-friendly strategy board game maker, Ravensburger, and is set for a fall 2023 release.

This is basically Walt Disney jumping onto the trading cards bandwagon with an upcoming trading card game. This is to add to their convoluted flow of multi-revenue streams (will it ever end?)

Lorcana, is also a planet in the Star Wars universes, and Star Wars Characters and shouldn’t be confused with the Disney version.

Walt Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game
Walt Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game

The Mickey Card (Brave Little Tailor Card)

We’ve mentioned these characters as they are part of the first cards, or set of cards, in the new Disney Lorcana trading cards from across Disney’s nearly 100-year history of pop culture dominance. Of course, it wouldn’t be Disney without a Mickey Mouse card of himself, wearing the clothes of a Brave Little Tailor, pointing back to the classic animated short that debuted in 1938, would it?

The recent D23 Expo announced the release of the new trading card game and new sets are scheduled to be released four times a year, starting from now. From what we’ve seen so far, these cards are fantastic with unique foil treatment and will showcase more original Disney artwork than any other product so far.

According to Polygon, some trading cards are already fetching $2K + on the TCG market. That isn’t really surprising as the market, which saw a sharp resurgence during the pandemic, is estimated at $6B+ globally.

Not many details have been released about the actual gameplay yet, but there have been some hints have been dropped about the characters and setting.

The idea of combining the Disney classic characters into one overarching storyline could allow the company to create a new Marvel-like multiverse that they can repurpose across films and video games.

Disney representatives said the game will pull from Disney’s massive catalog of animated characters, but likely won’t encroach into other owned properties (e.g., Marvel and Star Wars).

Disney Characters Do Battle….the Game’s Mechanics

As illumineers, players will bring old Disney characters to life to do battle on the table. Seven debut cards are available, each containing the name of the character, its cost, and its offense and defense statistics. As well as the power or mechanic, every card also includes a bit of italicized flavor text drawn from Disney lore. In the bottom right corner of each card, a mysterious icon indicates its power or value.

Lorcana is expected to take place in a magical world, where people take on a dragon form, a powerful sorcerer, a rock star, etc. Analysts believe “Disney Mirrorverse,” a mobile game the company released in June, could provide a glimpse into what’s ahead.

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