The Indestructible Ice Cream That Does Not Melt

After internet users discovered some of its products did not melt even when left in a sweltering room for long periods of time, a Chinese brand known as ‘Hermes of ice cream’ for its exorbitant prices has come under fire.

Zhong Xue Gao, the company in question, maintains its products are in compliance with Chinese food safety regulations.

Shanghai market supervision has been informed of the footage and has reported it to the appropriate authorities.

Videos of ‘indestructible’ treats go viral after the brand is forced to defend its products after they don’t melt when blasted with a blow torch.

Watch the 42-second video of the Chinese ice cream brand facing criticism for products that don’t melt here:

Unmeltable Ice Cream Uses ‘Natural’ Ingredients?

Founded in 2018, ‘Chicecream’ uses supposedly natural ingredients and product designs inspired by traditional Chinese roof tiles. As an alternative to Western brands such as Magnum and Haagen-Dazs, the company also markets itself as a Chinese product.

There has been a heated debate online after videos of a ‘Chicecream’ popsicle retaining its shape despite being held with a lighter went viral.

It was also reported that a salt coconut ice cream made by the same company, called ‘Zhong Xue Gao’ in Chinese, would not melt even when left in a room with 88F heat (31C).

As a result of the footage filmed in the northern Chinese province of Hebei this month, users have raised concerns about food safety and the high prices of the company’s products.

Asserting compliance with national food safety regulations, the company defended itself on Wednesday.

We believe it is not scientific to judge ice cream quality by baking, drying or heating it,’ the brand stated in a Weibo post that garnered over 168,000 likes.

AFP could not verify the videos, and stabilizers – a food additive used in mass-produced ice cream to preserve structure – have been widely approved by the FDA.

In addition, Wang Silu, a senior national food inspector, said the thickening products were safe.

In a statement to local media, the Shanghai market supervision authority confirmed that the video had been reported to the relevant authorities.

This Natural Turkish Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt

image of ice cream cone not melting
This Turkish ice cream doesn’t melt

The capital of Turkey is Ankara, but Kahramanmaraş is the undisputed ice cream capital of the country.

Antilla Kanbur makes five tons of delicious Turkish ice cream a day, the fourth generation in his family to make the sweet stuff. He’s an ice cream maker through and through.

How is Turkish ice cream different from other ice creams?

Besides being stretchy and sticky, it doesn’t melt either.

Watch the video here (it’s 2mins 42 seconds)

It’s often cut with a butcher’s knife instead of a scoop.

He offers every flavor you can imagine.

What are the ‘Magic’ Ingredients?

There are 3 main ingredients that contribute to the ice cream’s distinguishing features and taste:

Goats Milk– In the Ahir mountains they feast on the plants Thyme and Tragacanth. Aromatic herbs are grown in the farm’s pasture to make the milk more aromatic.

Sweetener– Because not every sugar has the same standards, they analyze the sugar in their labs and then decide which factory’s sugar is best for them.

Salep– This is where the real magic happens. It’s the ice cream’s most important ingredient. Salep is the root of a wild orchid and gives the ice cream its elasticity and aroma.

Salep is a dried powder made from the root of the Orchis mascula plant. It has been used as a traditional remedy in Europe and the Middle East for centuries. Salep is thought to have beneficial effects on the immune system and is often used to treat colds and respiratory infections. It’s also widely used to make a hot drink that is popular in the Middle East.

Finally, hand churning the ice cream is crucial. the more churning, the more elastic it becomes.

Definitely worth a trip to Ankara to sample this amazing unmeltable ice cream.

Here you can watch the 2 minutes 42-second video of the Turkish Ice Cream that doesn’t melt: