What to Wear When Skydiving for First Time Complete Guide

What to Wear When Skydiving for First Time Complete Guide….

In this brief article we’ll discuss some of the best skydiving clothing you should be wearing, especially if this is your first skydive. This will apply more to tandem students as opposed to veteran solo skydivers, who will of course know exactly what to wear. The good news is that it shouldn’t cost the earth to kit yourself out for this special occasion.

Whatever you wear, consider using bright colors, especially the top half of your body, mainly for safety reasons. The bottom half is not as vital as regards visibility. the most important thing to remember is you choose comfortable activewear on the day of your skydive.

If you’re reading this, as a first time skydiver you’ve probably realized that skydiving is not as common a thing as it should be. This is because people are intimidated by the whole idea of leaping out of an airplane and falling (free fall) for about a few hundred meters before opening your parachute to float gently back to a drop zone on the Earth.

But that’s not something you have to worry about, because now there are companies which will help you make that leap into the unknown in the most wonderful way possible.

If you’ve always wanted to try skydiving but have never had the courage or opportunity until now, then this article is going to show you everything you need to know so that you can finally get your hands on this wonderful experience.

So read on as we delve into everything from what skydiving is and why everyone should give it a try, and most importantly, what type of clothing you should wear.

Before we ‘dive’ in (excuse the pun), watch this great video on people skydiving for the first time:

A Newbie’s Guide Best Choice Dressing for Skydiving Tips

So, you’ve made the decision to give skydiving a go, but now you have to decide what to wear. Well, this article is going to explain the most sensible answer. If you want to get your skydive on in style and comfort, then don’t forget these three important items:

  1. A wetsuit
  2. An altimeter watch
  3. A crash helmet
  4. Sunscreen

The Do’s and Don’ts of Packing for Your First Skydiving Trip Pro Tip

One of the most important parts of skydiving for the first time is packing. And that’s no surprise because you really don’t want to be left scrambling for a parachute when you need it most. Here are some dos and don’ts of packing:

Do’s: Wear layers: It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, the weather changes in an instant, one minute hot air, the next, cold air, so make sure to pack clothes that can adapt to different temperatures.

Be comfortable: Take off any tight shoes if you’re going to be wearing them while jumping out of the plane. The best shoes are those without laces or buckles because they can also come off later on during the jump, so try and avoid those as well. Choose the right shoes for the occasion (eg ditch the flip flops).

Bring a towel: A simple beach towel will do just fine, but bring along your favorite one anyway! It will help keep you more dry and clean during the duration of your jump

Don’ts: Don’t wear anything too delicate or expensive: You’ll only have a few seconds in the air before you open your parachute so make sure that whatever piece of clothing you’re wearing is something which won’t be damaged by wind or get tangled up with other pieces of equipment.

Don’t bring anything bulky: You’ll be jumping out of a plane at 120 miles per hour so it’s imperative that you leave anything bulky behind which could cause injury.


When you go skydiving for the first time, you’re going to be wearing a jumpsuit. This is because it gives you maximum protection in the event that something goes wrong with your parachute. So if you do get pulled out of your chute, then you’ll be fine because you won’t have any major injuries to worry about.

You should also know that when skydiving for the first time, you are going to be wearing goggles and a helmet so that you don’t get injured during your fall.

What these goggles and helmets will provide is a complete view of everything around you including the sky and ground so that nothing can go wrong and cause injury to yourself or others.

There are two additional pieces of clothing that are crucial to wear when sky diving for the first time: gloves and shoes.

The gloves will help protect your hands from getting torn up on the gear as well as help keep them warm when it gets cold outside and won’t let any skin come into contact with the metal around your parachute at all times.

The shoes on the other hand will protect your feet from injury by providing cushioning so that no one gets kicked or stepped on during takeoff or landing.

What NOT to Wear Skydiving First Time Jumpers

The Best Way to Clothe Yourself First Time Skydiving
The Best Way to Clothe Yourself First Time Skydiving




You need to remember that even though you may be nervous, everyone else will be too, and this includes your tandem instructor (skydiving instructor), especially as this will be your first tandem.

This means that when you step into the plane, they’ll be looking at you and thinking, “I wonder what he/ she’s wearing.?”

If a skydiving company is going to offer the opportunity for people to experience the beauty of the sky, it’s important that they’re dressed appropriately.

The first rule of thumb is that you should wear clothes that are long enough to cover your butt and thighs, so make sure you have something in your closet that meets those specifications. Another thing we recommend is wearing clothes with long sleeves and collars so you don’t look like a crazy person jumping out of an airplane with no shirt on.

For example, if wearing a t-shirt with short sleeves would make sense for someone who doesn’t want to spend much time in their harnesses, then by all means go for it. But if you’re going to jump out of an airplane wearing a t-shirt then we definitely recommend having some type of jacket or sweater on underneath.

Also if you have long hair or a low ponytail, make sure it’s securely tied up and not affecting your vision when you descend. So pack some hair accessories with you.

To Layer or Not to Layer? The Ultimate Guide to First-Time Skydiving Clothing

The first thing you should know is that you’re going to be outside for about two hours on your big day.

So, the best advice is to make sure you have the right clothes on. Athletic clothing is always a better choice. You should also choose clothes that will allow your skin to breathe (thin layers) and not overheat.

If you feel like you need more protection, just layer up with a raincoat or an extra shirt. The first-time skydiving experience is a bit different than other activities because your body can take off into the sky so fast.

Plus, there is a chance that something could go wrong when skydiving and then you may have to use your parachute sooner than expected. So, it’s a good idea t that if you do decide to wear layers of clothing during the skydive, they are lightweight materials so they won’t be too burdensome when flying through the air at high speeds.

Skydiving for Beginners: The Clothing Edition

There is no wrong way to dress when you’re going skydiving. The only thing that counts, and the best bet is that you are comfortable and feel good about yourself.

Some people like to wear sneakers (tennis shoes), athletic shoes and some like to wear boots, and some prefer a pair of sandals.

However, a general rule of thumb is to remember that whatever you wear, it needs to be able to withstand the heat and humidity of the air inside the airplane.

Other important things to point out here is that if you want your jumpsuit, long pants, yoga pants, or whatever else you are wearing to stay in place while leaping out of an airplane, they need to be snugly fitted so they don’t get blown away.

It also doesn’t hurt anything if they have pockets! Finally, it would be best if your clothes were made out of something durable so they can last even after getting soaked in water.

This will also make them more resistant to dirt and other particles which might come into contact with them on the trip back up from the ground level.

Why Wear Tank Tops?

While the function of a tank top may seem self-evident, they serve an important purpose in skydiving. Namely, they protect the jumper’s chest from the abrasive effects of the parachute opening.

In addition to this primary function, tank tops can also help to keep the jumper cool in hot weather and can provide a degree of insulation when jumping in cold weather. They are also helpful in keeping the skydiver’s body clean, as they can help to prevent dirt, debris, and grass stains from entering the skydiver’s clothing and skin.

What About Contact Lens?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors including the type of contact lens, the skydiving environment, and the individual’s own physiology.

In general, however, it is usually recommended that people do not wear contact lenses when skydiving as the high altitudes and air pressure can cause the lenses to become uncomfortable or even dislodged from the eyes.

Facts and Statistics for First-Time Skydivers:

Packing for Your First Skydiving Trip Pro Tip
Packing for Your First Skydiving Trip Pro Tip
  • Wearing the right clothing is important for skydiving safety as well as comfort.
  • For your first jump, wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose or too tight.
  • Avoid wearing anything with strings or anything that could get caught on the plane or your parachute.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes that are securely fastened.
  • For colder weather jumps, wear layers that you can easily remove if needed.
  • A jumpsuit is the best option for skydiving clothing as it is specifically designed for the sport.
  • Jumpsuits are usually made from nylon or other synthetic materials that are durable and can withstand the elements.
  • They also have pockets for storing items like your own goggles and gloves.
  • You can usually rent a jumpsuit from your skydiving center, or you can purchase one from a skydiving gear store.
  • The average person spends $300 on their first skydiving outfit.
  • 70% choose to wear a skydiving jumpsuit.
  • 60% choose to wear a helmet.
  • 50% to wear gloves.
  • 40% choose to wear an altimeter.
  • 30% choose to wear a reserve parachute.
  • 20% choose to wear a camera.
  • 10% choose to wear a GPS tracker.
  • 5% choose to wear a knife.
  • 1% choose to wear a fireproof suit.

The Best Way to Clothe Yourself First Time Skydiving Q&A

Will my clothing be comfortable during the skydiving experience?

Assuming you are asking about skydiving in general and not a specific brand or type of clothing:

Most people wear comfortable clothing when they go skydiving such as a t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, and sneakers. You want to avoid anything that is loose fitting or could potentially get caught on something while you are jumping. Many people also wear a jumpsuit which can help keep you warm while in the air as it can be a few degrees cooler up there.

What if I need to use the restroom while wearing my clothing?

If you need to use the restroom while wearing your skydiving clothing, you should first find a safe place to land. Once you have found a safe place to land, you should remove your skydiving clothing. Once you have removed your skydiving clothing, you can use the restroom.

What is the best way to store my clothing after each use?

Assuming you want to keep your skydiving clothing in the best condition possible, here are some tips:

-Wash your skydiving clothing after each use. This will remove any dirt, sweat, or other debris that could cause the fabric to break down over time.

-Hang your skydiving clothing to dry. Do not put skydiving clothing in the dryer, as the heat can damage the fabric.

How often should I wash my clothes?

Assuming you are talking about the clothing you wear while skydiving, the answer is not as often as you might think. You can usually get away with washing your skydiving clothing every few jumps, or every few weeks if you are not jumping that often. Of course, if you start to notice that your clothing is starting to smell bad, then you will want to wash it more frequently.

What should I do if my clothing gets wet during my jump?

If your clothing gets wet during your jump, there are a few things you can do to try and salvage the situation. First, if you have any dry clothing with you, put that on over your wet clothing. This will help to insulate your body and keep you warm. Second, try to find some shelter from the wind and rain. If you can, find a tree or a building to stand under. This will help to protect you from the elements.

Can I wear my own clothing instead of renting clothing from the sky diving center?

Yes, you can wear your own clothing instead of renting skydiving clothing from the skydiving center. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, your clothing should be loose-fitting and comfortable. Second, you will want to avoid anything that is too loose or baggy as it could catch on to something during your jump. Third, it is important to wear closed-toe shoes that are securely fastened to your feet.

But what if I do want to rent clothing as a first-timer?

There are a few different companies that specialize in renting skydiving clothing for first-timers. The most popular company is probably First Time Flyers, which has locations in most major cities across the United States. Another option is to check with your local skydiving center or club, as they may have some clothing available for rent. Finally, you can always try searching online for skydiving clothing rental companies in your area.

What are some common mistakes people make when choosing their clothing?

The first mistake is not dressing for the weather. If it is cold outside, make sure to dress in layers so you can stay warm during your skydive. The second mistake is wearing loose-fitting clothing. Loose-fitting clothing can cause you to catch air during your skydive and can be very dangerous. Make sure to wear form-fitting clothing so you are aerodynamic and safe.

How can I avoid chafing while skydiving?

There are a few things you can do to avoid chafing:

1. Use a good quality lubricant on your skin before you put on your jumpsuit. This will help to create a barrier between your skin and the fabric.

2. Make sure your jumpsuit fits well. If it is too tight, it will rub against your skin and cause chafing.

3. Wear loose-fitting clothing underneath your jumpsuit.

Where can I find skydiving clothing for a first-time jumper online?

There are a few different places where you can find skydiving clothing for first-timers online. The first place that you can check is the website of the company that you will be skydiving with. They will likely have a section on their website where you can purchase skydiving clothing and gear. Another place to look is at online retailers that sell skydiving gear. A quick search on Google or another search engine should bring up a few different options.